Many Kansas Citians are standing up against Question A.

Freedom, Inc.
“There is absolutely no evidence that a streetcar line will bring development into a blighted area …

“It just doesn’t make sense to saddle Kansas City’s poorest residents with a regressive tax scheme that has no exclusions on necessities, such as groceries and prescription medications, just to build a streetcar that very few in our neighborhoods will ever use.

“We urge voters who live within the boundaries of this district to reject the ‘touristy frou-frou’ tax by voting NO on Kansas City Question A, Tuesday, August 5.”

Fr._Brian.jpgFr. Brian Johnson, C.Ss.R, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptorist Catholic Church
“There are a few ramifications from the establishment of this TDD that will affect [our church]. The plan is that every property owner within a third of a mile of the track will be assessed an extra charge with your property taxes. In addition, sales tax will go up 1 percent. All not for profit properties will also be assessed a fee. For us here, the parish will have to pay a little over $100,000.00 over a 25 year period … This kind of taxing and assessing will not only hurt our parish, but will also be a huge and unfair burden on the poor of this neighborhood. So many people who try to live on fixed income will now have an additional cost to worry about. Those who live in apartments will no doubt have their rents raised so the landlords can pay their extra assessments. The increased sales tax will be a burden for us all, but it will be especially hard on the poor who have enough troubles covering their cost of living as it is.

“In our August elections, Question A on the ballot will seek permission to create this TDD. I think we, as a Christian people, have a duty to look at this issue and how it will place a further burden on the backs of the poor.”

Teresa Perry
Bring your power to the polls and vote no on the TDD. Vote no on the streetcar, or you’ll have to pay an additional 1% sales tax on groceries, clothing, and necessities that could add up to $20 to $30 extra a month. Instead of funding a streetcar, we can use this money to help get our schools accredited, fund anti-crime programs, help pay for sewer repairs, or fix curbs, streets, and sidewalks. Please come out and let your voice be heard on Aug. 5. You have the power – your vote is your power.

david-remley.jpgDavid Remley
“Half a billion dollars spent on a streetcar does nothing to help the true needs of our urban neighborhoods. Total waste of money."

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