Selected Kansas Citians will vote on the creation of an expanded Transportation Development District (TDD) via a STEALTH mail-in election that begins on April 5, 2017.

The district would run:

  • From state line east to Campbell.
  • From the Missouri River south to 54th Street.
  • However, the TDD wouldn’t include Brookside, Waldo, or the homes and businesses along Ward Parkway.

This district would create a new taxing authority, and open the door for:

  • A 1% sales tax increase for 30 years, making taxes in some areas almost 13%
  • A special real estate assessment for homes, businesses, and non-profits

These fees would be used to expand the streetcar line that began operating just a few months ago.

The plan up for vote is nothing more than a boondoggle that will result in higher property taxes, higher sales taxes and higher rents.

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